Pawfect Life Rescue is a team of service professionals with a passion for dogs!  After diving in and submerging ourselves in rescue, the team has HEARD you!  Different folks have different needs but here’s some of the feedback we received during discussions with adopters in 2012:

1) Adopters get frustrated if they’re told that having a fenced in yard is considered a “pre-req” to being a good dog owner

2) Adopters get frustrated if they’re told they can’t adopt a dog because they have young children

3) Adopters get frustrated if they don’t receive calls back when reaching out to a rescue to adopt or foster or even make a donation

4) Adopters get frustrated if they end up speaking with someone who may be very good with dogs, but has limited people skills or little interest in listening to what they have to say

5) Adopters are often nervous about taking in a rescue dog and what will happen if they do and it doesn’t work out.  What do they do with the dog?  Does that mean they’re out their adoption donation?

6) Adopters often continue to need support after they’ve adopted their new family member.  They need help with house training and teaching basic dog obedience.

Pawfect Life Rescue hosts weekly “Open Meet & Greets” where all our fosters get together to run, fetch, play!  


 We also offer individual one on one meet and greets with specific dogs as requested.  We welcome you to come meet our pups, offering you the opportunity to meet a dog in a home setting to really get a feel for his/her personality.  And, we can offer you the opportunity to Foster2Adopt to ensure the pup you’re interested in is really a good fit for your family/lifestyle without the risk of losing your adoption donation.  We not only treat our Pawfect pups well – but respect and treat YOU well too! 


Pawfect Life Rescue’s Foster2Adopt program helps match loving individuals/families with rescue dogs in need!  This program allows for a seven day grace period to ensure the match is a Pawfect Fit for both adopter(s) and dog(s). 

Grace periods have been established for unforeseeable troubleshooting. We consider all adoptions going into Foster2Adopt a Pawfect Fit, leaving a small margin of error for cases of allergies, difficulties with new dog/cat siblings, etc. 

If it is decided that the adoption is not a Pawfect Fit as anticipated, adopters are asked to return the dog and its medical paperwork within the first seven days in order to receive full refund of their donation. 

Pawfect Life Rescue looks to welcome new adopters into the Pawfect Life Rescue community where adopters can share the special experience of opening up their hearts and homes to a rescue dog in need!



To adopt a Pawfect Life Rescue dog, please submit a completed adoption application online. Adoption applications should include a vet reference and 2 personal references (that aren’t related to you).  They must be completed in their entirety.  Should you have any questions please e-mail!



Upon approval of your application, you will have the opportunity for a meet & greet where all family members (be it human or canine) can interact with the Pawfect pup you’re interested in (Please note that these are different then our open Monday meet and greets for applicants).  If the meet & greet is satisfactory for all involved, an adoption contract is completed and a check for a $475 adoption donation is issued to Pawfect Life Rescue, Inc.  PLR’s Foster2Adopt program allows for a 7 day grace period with your new family member.  You will receive a follow up call a couple days after you take your new pup home.  All adopters are asked to contact Julie via e-mail at within 7 days with any questions that may arise and with any updates on how things are going with their new pup!  Pictures are always welcome! 

If, at the end of the 7 day grade period, the “match” is deemed a Pawfect Fit – your check will be cashed and all adoption paperwork will be filed.  However, if things are not working out, then adopters are asked to return their Pawfect pup with all of his/her original medical paperwork.  The adoption donation will be returned to you and your adoption contract will be terminated.  *Please Note – After 7 days all adoptions are considered final and all checks will be cashed.  Adoption donations will not be refunded after completion of the 7 day trial period.*  

**Adoption Starter Kits Now Available!  Each kit includes: a 36″ metal crate (other sizes available), a martingale collar and leash (color choices), a toy of your choosing, a box of treats (variety to choose from), one food and one water dish (color choices) and a bag of either puppy or adult food. ($150 donation)**


Adoption donations cover all fees involved in the vetting, transport, quarantine and general care required for Pawfect Life Rescue dogs. Standard costs include:
Vetting: Typically $125 – $400+/dog
Transport: Typically $150 – $175/dog
Quarantine: Typically $90-$125/dog
DA2PPv, DHPP, DHLPP Vaccine (1 for dogs 6 months+ and a series of 3 for all puppies under 6 months old)
Rabies Vaccine (1 for adults and puppies 3 months+)
Intra-Nasal Bordatella Vaccine (kennel cough)
Fecal exams
Dewormer (3 rounds for all puppies, as needed for adults)
4DX Heartworm Test (for dogs 6 months+ to test for Heartworm & 3 tick born diseases: Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichia & Lyme)
Health Certificate (1 if being transported and 1 upon release from quarantine)
Heartworm Preventative
Flea & Tick Preventative
*Vetting may also include: Skin scrapes, blood tests, eye exams, treatment for ear infections, surgery, etc – Whatever’s required to ensure all Pawfect pups are in Pawfect Shape prior to adoption*

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