Pawfect Life Rescue is registered as a 501C3 tax exempt organization.


We need your help!  There are so many wonderful dogs needing rescue but we can’t do this alone – all donations are truly appreciated.  Whether that be a monetary donation or “in kind” donation of bleach, paper towels, dog food, training treats, dog toys,  or even pet store gift cards!  Should you have any questions in regards to making a donation please e-mail Julie at

 Why donate?


There is SO much involved when it comes to savings lives.  Each dog has to be fully vetted and screened prior to adoption.  And, dogs that are rescued from down South need to be transported and then isolated for 48 hrs when they reach Massachusetts!

How much does it cost to fully vet a dog?  Vetting a dog can range anywhere from $100 – $400+.


Transportation via a USDA approved transport company costs about $150 per dog.

In addition, quarantine space has its own associated cost, which runs around $90 per dog.  Add that up, and you can see an adoption donation doesn’t go far!  And, that’s not even taking into consideration the cost of food, cleaning supplies, gas, etc!

The love and care that goes into taking care of these dogs is incomparable.  Help be a part of the solution by donating your time, money or skills to help some awesome rescue pups!  Be a part of something bigger – save lives!!

Mali, before and after:

10896400_317987905059023_5536264568410981090_o 1796887_10203555458713307_1564086938_o

Bonner, before and after: 248776_10202339630161738_6190766593020144946_n photo_72 Donations can be remit by check to:

Pawfect Life Rescue

55 Arbor Road Uxbridge MA 01569

Please note this is a private address.  We are not a facility and are not open to the public.

Donations can also be made via PayPal at:

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