Southern Rescue Team

What makes a great rescue?  Great people!  And when rescuing out of state it’s even more crucial that you know and trust who you’re rescuing with!  Here in Mass, Julie will go out and temperament test local dogs that need rescue.  Down south, this is done by our Southern rescue team!

We don’t rescue by looks or age or breed.  We rescue by temperament.  We rescue family friendly dogs that we trust to have in our homes with our kids and our dogs.  We wouldn’t take a dog into our homes that we believe would pose a risk to our families and we wouldn’t ask you to either.  We want to help find you find the Pawfect pup!


Lauri McCoy


Lauri McCoy has been sending her foster pups North to Pawfect Life since May of 2014.  She is an amazing woman with contagious energy that helps inspire those around her!  The work she does with children is sure to inspire the next generation of dog rescuers!


Lauri is a dear friend and the energy that keeps everyone going!  She’s got a big pup lovin’ heart and is especially fond of the biggin’s!

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Ariel Miller 


Ariel has been fostering dogs for Pawfect Life since the winter of 2015.  She is a full time nursing student and an amazing foster who specializes in bringing shy dogs out of their shells!  Ariel lives with her boyfriend Brandon and their dog Hagan in Alabama.


Ariel is a dear friend whose always ready to help a dog in need!


Lorraine Lewis

Lorraine has been sending dogs North to Pawfect Life since June of 2014.  She is a good friend with a huge heart!  Lorraine, with the help of her awesome orange tabby Walter, helps by fostering dogs and preparing them for their forever homes.

Lorraine loves to have fun in the sun and her pups always seem to share that same carefree attitude towards life!

Terri Richards

Julie met Terri back in 2012 during her first trip to Alabama.  Terri helped save Julie’s dog Riley, who is the poster child for Pawfect Life!

Terri has been rescuing dogs for a very long time and has helped some pretty awesome pups out of very difficult situations.  She has a true passion for helping the underdog!


Michelle Zrubek

Michelle is the director at Cassies Place – Our newest rescue partner in Texas!

Michelle is a Mother and a friend who has dedicated her life to saving dogs.  Pawfect life is so excited to be working with Michelle and all of the wonderful rescuers we’re meeting in Texas!

**Together we can make a difference**