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Pawfect Life Rescue is a family friendly rescue that helps match loving families with amazing rescue dogs.  The rescue helps local dogs & transports dogs North from down South every week or two.  So, there are always new pups looking for loving forever homes.  Our website is always kept up to date with our adoptable dogs. 

We are trying to make our process as efficient and fair as possible for all of our applicants, while upholding our promise to our dogs – to find them their Pawfect fit, that will be able to provide them with the lives that each of them deserves. 

The rescue is located at a private residence in Uxbridge, MA.  Meet & Greets are scheduled by appointment after successful submission of an adoption application.   We are also open to the public 3 days a week for those families that want to meet dogs before applying to adopt.

We appreciate your patience and understanding that this process is set up for your family and our rescue pups success. We understand that adding a dog to your home is an exciting time and we want to do our part in ensuring you're matched with the right pup as it's a 15 year commitment. 

Thanks again and we look forward to meeting you & connecting you with your new furry friend!



 We currently offer one on one “Meet & Greets” with individual dogs throughout the week & over the weekend!  

*Please Note: A fully processed application needs to be on file in order to schedule a private showing that could result in adoption*

We welcome you to come meet our pups, offering you the opportunity to meet a couple of dogs one on one or in a group setting to really get a feel for his/her personality. We are here to ensure the pup you’re interested in is a good fit for your family/lifestyle. We want the best for our Pawfect pups and for you and your family too! 



To adopt a Pawfect Life Rescue dog, please submit a completed adoption application online. Adoption applications should include a vet reference and 2-4 personal references (that aren’t related to you). Applications must be completed in their entirety. Applicants must be 21 years of age or older. Should you have any questions please e-mail



Once your application has been fully processed, you will have the opportunity for a one on one “meet & greet” where all family members (be it human or canine) can interact with the Pawfect pup(s) you’re interested in.

If the meet & greet is satisfactory for all involved, an adoption contract is completed and a check for a $600 adoption fee is issued to Pawfect Life Rescue, Inc. 

We will follow up with you within a week of taking your new pup home. All adopters are asked to contact their Application Specialist within 7 days with any questions that may arise and with an update on how things are going with their new pup! We get attached to these pups so pictures are always appreciated!



Adoption Starter Kits - Now Available! Each kit includes: a wire crate, leash & martingale collar (color choices), a toy and box of treats (variety to choose from), one food & one water dish (color choices) and a bag of either puppy or adult food (16.5 lbs). Puppy kits include a harness and Adult dog kits include a Kong for those stronger chewers! Kits are priced at $150 for a 24″ crate, $175 for a 36″ crate, and $200 for a 42″ crate. Kits can be broken apart if only certain items are needed.  



The adoption donation of $600 covers all fees involved in the vetting, transport, state mandated isolation and general care required for Pawfect Life Rescue dogs. Standard costs include:

Vetting: $290 (though individual costs vary depending on location)

Transport: $185/dog

Isolation & Health Certificate: $125/dog



DA2PPv, DHPP, DHLPP Vaccine (A series of 2 or 3 for all puppies under 6 months old and 1 for all dogs 1 year +)

Rabies Vaccine (1 for adults and puppies 3 months+)

Bordetella Vaccine (kennel cough)

Fecal exams

Dewormer (3 rounds for all puppies, as needed for adults)

4DX Heartworm Test (for dogs 6 months+ to test for Heartworm & 3 tick born diseases: Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichia & Lyme)

Health Certificate (1 if being transported and 1 upon release from quarantine)


Flea & Tick Preventative

*Vetting may also include: Skin scrapes, blood tests, eye exams, treatment for ear infections, surgery, etc. – Whatever’s required to ensure all Pawfect pups are in Pawfect Shape prior to adoption*

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