The board of directors is responsible for overall rescue operations. They manage all legal & regulatory responsibilities, all financial matters and the maintenance & operation of the isolation facility & adoption center. The board is also responsible for relationship building, managing relations with southern rescue partners, volunteers, fosters and the community. They work closely with each team to ensure continued commitment & success of Pawfect Life's mission to rescue dogs and place them in loving forever homes!



Julie rescued & rehabilitated all sorts of critters with the Humane Society while growing up, with Tufts Wildlife Clinic during an internship and with Greg Mertz the “Odd Pet Vet” while managing a local pet store.  She’s a graduate of Framingham State University with a bachelors in Biology and a concentration in wildlife and environmental management.  Julie has been employed as a sales representative at a laboratory equipment company for the past 18 years.
In May of 2013, Julie established Pawfect Life Rescue to help save dogs lives by offering a truly unique adoption experience that focuses on both dog & adopter and the ability to effectively enhance the quality of life for dog lovers in her community.  She also went back to school, graduating from Animal Behavior College in the fall of 2013, and is now a certified dog trainer.  Julie lives with her husband (Jim), their two sons (Ben & Mason) and their two dogs (Riley & Jelly) in Uxbridge, MA.  She aspires to make a difference in the lives she touches by connecting amazing rescue pups with equally amazing adopters and creating a community of dog lovers who can share in the joys of owning a rescue pup!
“Did you ever wake up and ask yourself WHY?  Why am I here, what good am I doing in this world – what kind of legacy will I leave for my family?  My ah-ha moment was in 2012 when I got together with some fantastic rescue women and traveled down to Alabama……..because what I saw changed my life forever!  Words can’t express the ultimate perfection of the lifestyle we live up here in Massachusetts when compared to some of the situations I saw down south.  Up here we see squirrels everywhere……down south you see dogs everywhere…….and a band of animal rescuers who wake up every day to the inconceivable and give their all thru blood, sweat and tears to make a difference!  Life will always bring good times and bad but I choose to wake up and enjoy the day – to live life like someone left the gate open…… go outside with my kids and my dogs and Run, Fetch, Play!”



Jim is a technology enthusiast with a passion for web development who has worked in the computer industry for over 18 years.  His true joy in life though comes from being surrounded by his loving family and playful pups.  Jim is a graduate of Framingham State University with a Bachelors degree in Biology and Brandeis University with a Master of Software Engineering.  He enjoys sailing and writing and spending time with his family!  Jim’s lifelong love of animals has included dogs, cats and reptiles.

“It is truly a rewarding experience to see the connection made between a rescue dog and an adopter.  I am humbled by the amount of love and appreciation shown by people and dogs alike.  It is an honor to be a part of the adoption process. “



Karen joined Pawfect Life Rescue in March of 2017. An avid animal lover, Karen lives in Uxbridge, MA with her own rescue family..four dogs and six cats!  She’s always willing to jump in on the action, whether it be handling pups or helping at events!

Most recently, Karen has taken on the role of volunteer coordinator & managing the rescues new isolation facility.  She is a good friend and a valued member of Pawfect Life team!


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