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The Answers You Need

Where are you located?

Pawfect Life Rescue is located in beautiful Uxbridge, MA.  We recommend applying online and making an appointment to meet our pups. We do have standard hours of operation, though on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays (see home page).

Do you have a phone number I can reach you at?

Our phone number is 508-526-3118. Please Note: Since we are volunteer run, our phone is not monitored on a regular basis. Should you need immediate assistance, please contact  Thank you!

Can I meet a dog prior to adoption?

Yes, we are open to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays (see home page).  You are welcome to come visit us during our hours of operation.  However, we do not place dogs without an approved application.

We recommend that you apply online as a first step to adoption.  Once you have a fully processed application in place, you will be invited to come to our adoption center for a meet & greet. A successful visit for both dog and adopter(s) is required in order to adopt and all family members must be present. If you already have a dog in the home, we will also have you bring your dog in for that meet & greet. You will be able to meet 3-4 dogs during your visit so we can ensure we help find the right pup for you and your family! Please note, not all meet and greet sessions will end with an adoption.

I like a specific dog, but I won’t be ready to adopt right away. Can you hold the dog?

 We place dogs on a best fit basis and date of application is a considering factor. Once the right match is made, an adoption will follow.

It's OK if you are not ready to adopt.  Please just know that in order to continue our lifesavings work we are NOT able to hold a dog until you are ready to move forward with an adoption.

What is your adoption fee?

The adoption fee is $600. For more information on what that fee includes, please visit the Adopt A Dog page.

Can I get a discount on the adoption fee?

Adoption donations do not cover the full cost of vetting, transport, state mandated isolation and necessary supplies required for each of our pups. We rely on fundraising to make up the difference and cannot reduce this already discounted fee.  Also, if you cannot afford to adopt a dog you likely cannot afford the vetting & training your new dog will require.  Please remember dog ownership takes considerable time & money.  It's about a 15 year commitment so please do your research!

How long does the application process take?

Shortly after filling out an online adoption application, you will receive an email from your application specialist (typically 48-72 hrs). The entire application process may take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks depending on your responsiveness and the responsiveness of your personal references.

How do I know who my application specialist is?

Your application specialist is the volunteer that reached out to you initially via email.  They will always be your best contact. If you forget who that is, please email for assistance.

Will I get any paperwork when I adopt?

Yes, your newly adopted dog will come with an adoption folder which will includes his/her veterinary paperwork from down south as well as a Massachusetts health certificate which was issued after a general wellness exam, post state mandated isolation. This folder also contains many adoption resources on training, transition, health insurance and best practices for safety and wellness to get you and your new pup off to a great start!

Where are the dogs rescued from?

We rescue most of our dogs from Arkansas, Texas and locally here in Massachusetts. All of our dogs have been temperament tested. We look for friendly and adoptable dogs of all colors, ages, sizes, breed mixes, and energy levels. Southern dogs are transported to Massachusetts and complete state mandated 48 hour isolation (per MA state law) before receiving a MA health certificate and being able to be shown at meet and greet sessions.

Is the dog I am interested in housebroken?

It is best to set expectations low and assume that a dog is not already housebroken. A dog who is housebroken in one location may not be housebroken in a different location, because the behavior is not generalized. It is not at all uncommon for dogs to be "outdoor dogs" in the south. So, please be patient and compassionate as your dog settles in and learns your routines and expectations. Most puppies will need to go out every 2-3 hours so make sure your schedule can allow for that or be prepared to have a plan in place.

What is the backstory of the dog I am interested in?

We don't always know but it isn't uncommon for dogs to be found on the side of the road, dumped inside the shelter fence, pulled off a kill truck or surrendered without reason. We open our hearts to these animals regardless of their stories and try to make their future much brighter than their past.

How big will the puppy I am interested be when full grown?

There are online growth calculators that may help guestimate the adult weight of your puppy. But, because in most cases the parentage is unknown, its truly only a guess. If you have an apartment weight restriction, or adult weight preference, we recommend adopting a dog who is at their adult weight to ensure a lifelong adoption.

When will you be posting new dogs?

We post newly rescued dogs every 2-3 weeks. It is best to keep an eye on our website and social media pages to learn when we have new pups.

Is the dog I am interested in cat friendly?

We don't always know ahead of time. If you have a cat in your home, please be sure to let your application specialist know so we can cat test if needed. Please note, we don't cat test young puppies.

The dog I was interested in was adopted, do I need to reapply?

No, we process all applications for general approval.  Once you submit an application we are able to keep it on file for up to 6 months. Be sure to let your application specialist know if you see another dog you would be interested in.

My dog has worms! What do I do?

It is 100% normal for dogs and puppies to get parasites.  We have a deworming protocol and we do ensure dogs have a negative fecal before coming North.  That being said, if a dog is not currently shedding a worm/protozoa in the piece of poop that is tested the fecal can show a false negative. Also, the stress of transport and transition can suppress the immune system and it is common for parasites to re-emerge. Please remember to bring a stool sample with you to your first vet appointment to ensure your pup is parasite-free. If your pup does test positive for an intestinal parasite, worry not, these parasites are easily treatable with de-wormer.  Also, monthly heartworm preventative includes ingredients that will not only ward off heartworms but will also help keep your pup from getting intestinal parasites!

I have young children in the home, am I able to adopt?

The safety of your children and newly adopted pup are of the utmost importance to us. Not all children are comfortable with a puppy jumping and mouthing and not all puppies are comfortable with young toddlers running around. Puppies will need to go out every 2-3 hours as well so we do ask that you consider whether or not that will be feasible with your infant or toddler's routine. While it is highly recommended to wait until your children are a bit older, we are willing to consider all applications with young children on a case by case basis.

I have a senior dog in my home, am I able to adopt a puppy?

We are willing to consider an adoption on a case by case basis. Some senior dogs do well welcoming a puppy in the home and it can give them a little spring in their step but others are not ok with a puppy jumping all over them.

I am looking for an Emotional Support Animal, do you have any that would be a good fit?

While we know that a special dog will make a wonderful companion and we are willing to consider all potential adopters, we do not have any dogs that are trained as emotional support animals. Some of our dogs come from horrific situations, have absolutely no training to serve as a service or emotional support dogs, and most do not know what it is like to live within a family unit. There are some great organizations that have dogs specifically for this purpose and we encourage you to do the research to find a pup that is the best fit for your needs.

Is there anything else I should know before applying to adopt?

Adopting a dog will no doubt provide you with a lot of love and companionship! However, it can also includes cleaning up accidents, resolving new and unwanted behaviors, training, socialization, desensitization, exercise, and general disruption to schedules and routines — all of which can be anxiety-inducing. We ask that adopters have stable housing, financials, and be emotionally stable enough to provide for and commit to a dog who will be dependent on them every day for years to come.

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