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*Currently Available for Adoption*

Good with Kids & Dogs & Cats

Hi my name is Lyla! I’m a 1yr old, 50lb, female hound / terrier mix pup! My friends at the rescue say I’m the Pawfect combination of playful and snuggly. I like hanging out with my human and dog friends and I’m ok coexisting with kitties. My ideal family will have humans who love me. I’m happy to coexist with a cat. I’m ok with a doggie sibling as long as they’re ok with my outgoing personality, cuz I can really play! I walk well on leash & crate well. I’m still a pup, though, so please give me lots of toys so I know what things I can chew on  Could you be my family?


**Available for Adoption 2/21/24**

Meet Scooby!
1yr/Male/60lb/ Lab/Catahoula/Terrier mix pup! 
Scooby is the dog you never knew you needed! He has a silly, goofy side along with smart and cuddly. Do not tell this 60 lb boy your lap is too small...he doesn't mind! Scooby loves playing with other dogs. Big, small.... he loves them all! He loves kids, adults.... everyone he meets. 
If you are looking for an all around great dog, Scooby is the one for you!



**Available for Adoption 2/24/24**

Meet Rain! A young, small breed terrier mix dog with a heart full of sunshine!  She is a year and a half old and weighs in at a whopping 15lbs. Rain is a lovely girl who enjoys life. She is playful, smart & a bundle of joy! This little lady is sure to brighten up your day!


**Available for Adoption 2/21/24**

Meet Edward! 
1yr/30lb/Male/Lab/Hound mix! 
Edward is not just handsome, he's a complete package of intelligence, courage, and devotion. He's a friend, a confidante and a companion rolled into one. His love for those who surround him is top notch! Edward will make a wonderful friend in your home!



**Available for Adoption 2/21/24**

Meet Madison! 1yr old/25lb/Male/Small breed terrier mix! 
Like the president he is named after, Madison is an intelligent guy with much to offer. His smaller stature doesn't take away from his huge heart! This love bug will make the best friend ever!


**Available for Adoption 2/21/24**

Meet Lincoln!

2yr/Male/18lbs/Small breed terrier mix!

 Lincoln is the dad to Roosevelt & Madison! He is 3yrs, His presidential nature shines through his actions, making him stand out amongst the crowd. Loyal, curious, and independent is the words to describe Lincoln. Who wouldn't want that is a new best friend?



**Available for Adoption 2/21/24**

Meet Roosevelt, 1yr, 18lb, and is a small breed terrier mix dog. Roosevelt is a loyal & brave companion with a heart as big as his personality. He is well liked by everyone around him. Roosevelt is ready to spend his days in a new cozy warm home!


**Available for Adoption 2/21/24**

Meet Hodge!  2yrs/50lb/Male/ Blue Heeler Mix dog. 
Looking to add a add a spark of joy and adventure to your life. Hodge loves nothing more than a good, long hug after a day full of exploration.
So why should you adopt Hodge? Because life with him is never dull, it's filled with love, laughter, and lots of play.



**Available for Adoption 2/21/24**

Meet Odie! 4mo/Male/20lb/Lab/Terrier mix puppy! 
Odie is a puppy with a heart as big as his spirit. He's as sweet as a sugar cube & as friendly as they come. His favorite activities include snuggling up for a good cuddle and playing with his favorite squeaky toy. Odie has a knack for bringing joy and laughter wherever he goes. Adopt Odie, and bring home not just a pet, but a loyal friend and a bundle of joy.


**Available for Adoption 2/21/24**

Meet Tate!  4mo/Male/ 20lb/Lab/Terrier mix puppy!

 Tate is the epitome of sweetness, always ready to shower you with puppy kisses & wag his tail in pure delight. His friendly nature makes him the perfect companion for all. Tate's cuddly side is irresistible, he loves to snuggle close and keep you warm. He is always eager to explore new toys & games. Tate's playful antics are sure to keep you laughing.  Adopting Tate means gaining a loyal friend, a constant source of happiness and a reminder of the simple joys of life.

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Adoptable Dogs

This is the most up to date list of our adoptable dogs. If you're interested in adopting, please visit the Dog Adoption Application page to complete and submit an online application.

Should you have trouble applying, please contact

Please note: We do have standard hours of operation (see home page).  However, you must have a fully processed application in place before you can adopt.

For more information on the adoption fee and what that covers, please visit the Adopt A Dog page. 

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