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Adoptable Dogs

This is the most up to date list of our adoptable dogs. If you're interested in adopting, please visit the Dog Adoption Application page to complete and submit an online application.

Should you have trouble applying, please contact

Please note: We do have standard hours of operation (see home page).  However, you must have a fully processed application in place before you can schedule a formal meet and greet that can lead to an adoption. 

For more information on the adoption fee and what that covers, please visit the Adopt A Dog page. 



*Currently Available for Adoption - Good with kids & dogs*

Meet Rhonda!
3 month/Female/12lb/Husky mix!
Rhonda is an absolute sweetheart who wants to romp around the yard and lay by the warm fire. She has the most adorable wrinkly face and is sure to bring much happiness to her future family!


*Available 3/22/23 - Good with kids, cats & dogs*

Meet Bells! 
5yr/29lb/Female/ Min Pin/Small breed terrier mix!
Bells is super sweet girl who loves people and other dogs. She was fostered by a groomer who has 6 other pups in AR.  Bells can sometimes be a little shy and may need a moment to warm up when first meeting you. But, once she's comfortable, she becomes your shadow and wants to be your BFF everywhere you go!  If you are looking for a wonderful little buddy, Bells could be the pup for you!



*Available 3/22/23 - Good with kids & dogs*

Meet Sugar! 

10 mo/50lb/female/terrier mix!

This WONDERFUL mama is ready for her turn to find a loving forever home! That's right, Sugar is coming North with her last 2 pups.  We have already found amazing forever homes for the rest of her sweet babies! Sugar is an absolute sweetheart!  She wants nothing more than the love & attention of a family. She’s super calm, good with kids, men and women. Sugar loves toys & deer antlers.  She's going to make an awesome companion for a lucky family!  So, if you're looking to add a little something sweet to add to your life, then look no further......cuz Mama Sugar could be the pup for you! 


*Available 3/22/23 - Good with kids, cats & dogs!*

Meet Savannah! 

8 mo/45lb/female/terrier/cur mix pup! 

Savannah is an adorable little lady who will make a really great addition to most any family.   She was fostered on a farm with dogs & cats and really enjoyed tagging along & "helping" her fosters when they went to work.  Savannah is a happy girl who smiles from ear to ear. How can you not love that squishy little face!



*Available 3/22/23 - Good with kids & dogs*

Meet Choco!
4 mo/28lb/Male/Terrier mix!
Choco is a handsome little boy who loves to cuddle!  He also enjoys running and playing with his doggie friends!  Are you looking for a little mushball of love?  Then look no further, because Choco could be the pup for your!


*Available 3/22/23 - Good with kids & dogs*

Meet Hershey!

4 mo/32lb/Male/Terrier mix!

Hershey is as sweet as his name! Just like the "Greatest American Chocolate Bar," we think Hershey is the sweetest & most adorable little puppy! You don't want to miss out on meeting him! 



*Available 3/22/23 - Good with kids & dogs*

Meet Twinkie!

7 months/20lb/female/small terrier mix!

Twinkie is a petite and truly precious little girl! If her beauty doesn't pull you in, her awesome personality will! Come meet this cutie patootie & fall in love.....


*Available 3/22/23 - Good with kids & dogs*

Meet Dinky!

7 months/13lb/female/small terrier mix!

Dinky is the most adorable little bundle of joy!  Just look at the sweetness in this little cutie's eyes.  You can't help but want to snuggle her!



*Available 3/22/23 - Good with kids & dogs*

Meet Pepsi!

4mo/33lb/female/Shepherd/Doodle mix!

Pepsi is a bubbly little girl! She is cute and friendly and wants to be part of your family! Looking for a new fun family member? Pepsi could be your girl! 

Sierra Mist

*Available 3/22/23 - Good with kids & dogs*

Meet Sierra Mist! 

4mo/33lb/female/Shepherd/Doodle mix!

There is something special about this girl!  Could be her amazing personality?  Her playfulness, maybe even her gorgeous look?  We invite you to come find out for yourself! Don't miss out on this lovely lady! 


Dr Pepper

*Available 3/22/23 - Good with kids & dogs*

Meet Dr. Pepper! 
4mo/37lb/male/Shepherd/Doodle mix!
We got a Dr. in the house! That's right, it's Dr. Pepper!  He may not have his license to practice medicine, but he does have one to steal your heart! Come meet this boy! He's something special!


*Available 3/22/23 - Good with kids & dogs*

Meet Chloe! 

6 mo/27lb/female/Great Pyranese mix!

Chloe is a fluffy & adorable girl who will make a very loving companion.  If you've been looking for a gorgeous large breed dog then Chloe could be the pup for you!  She is truly sweet as pie!



**Courtesy Post**

Meet Julia! She's a 9 mo old, 49 lb, female Cattle Dog mix pup! We met this sweet girl down in Arkansas, she's so much fun! Julia is patiently waiting for her turn to come North. She is not spoken for. Julia recently had her debut on the local tv station in Arkansas where she totally rocked it! She was a super star!! We would love nothing more than to find Julia a home! If you're interested in learning more about this special pup please email:;

You'll be glad you did!


**Courtesy Post**

Meet Mo! He's a 1 year old, 55 pound, male Sharpei / Terrier mix pup! We met this awesome boy down in Arkansas and just fell in love! Mo is patiently waiting for his turn to come North. He is not spoken for. He's an awesome dog who gets on great with his foster family, which has kids & dogs. He is happy to lounge on the couch but has also proven to be a great pup to go deer hunting with. Mo will actually sit in a tree stand and ride on a quad! He's a true BFF! Mo also recently walked the red carpet at an event. We don't want to brag but.....he nailed it! Such a ham!! If you're interested in learning more about this special pup please email:;

You'll be glad you did!



**Courtesy Post**

Meet Yotee!  She's a 3 yr old, 50lb, female terrier / retriever mix pup!  Yotee is a very sweet girl who is in foster care in  AR living on farm with her friend Savannah & other dogs & cats.  She is good with kids and is kennel trained.  She's just a friendly, beautiful, girl who is looking for a loving forever home!  If you're interested in learning more about this special pup please email:;

You'll be glad you did!

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