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**Currently Available for Adoption**

Meet Molly!

3 mo/Female/Catahoula Mix!

Molly loves life! She is a sweet girl who will bring happiness into your home! Molly loves walks, hikes and just a good time! She is a social girl who love meeting new friends! 



**Currently Available for Adoption**

Meet Doge! 

6yr/Male/35lb/Shiba Inu

Doge is handsome & very sweet.  True to his Shiba roots, he is confidant & independent.  Doge walks well on a leash, jumps in the car to go for rides and is keeping a very clean kennel.  While Shiba’s are generally very friendly, outgoing, and loyal dogs - they do best in a home with an experienced adopter.  If you’re looking for an adorable little buddy, Doge could be the pup for you! 


**Currently Available for Adoption**

Meet Roman!

3mo/39lb/Male/Cur/Shepherd mix!

Meet Roman, the charismatic boy who is eagerly awaiting his forever family. With his striking features & endearing personality, Roman is sure to capture the hearts of all who meet him. Whether he's chasing his favorite toys or curling up in your lap for a nap, Roman's boundless enthusiasm & gentle nature make him a delightful companion. With his soulful eyes & playful demeanor, Roman is a true heart-stealer. Could you be the one to give Roman the love and care he deserves?



**Currently Available for Adoption**

Meet Braxton!
9mo/Male/45lb/Beagle mix!
Braxton is a young, playful soul who is always ready to make new friends. His curiosity knows no bounds, and his goofy antics are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Braxton is a friendly guy who loves exploring the world around him. He's the type of dog who can turn a simple walk into an exciting adventure!


**Currently Available for Adoption**

*Kids 10+ Cat Friendly, Only Dog in Home*

Meet McKay!

3yr/20lb/Female/Pug Bulldog mix!

McKay is an exuberant girl with a zest for life. She loves playing with other dogs but has a tendency to hog all human attention.  Because of this, we would like to make McKay the Queen of her castle.  McKay is an adorable little nugget who truly wants to be your partner in life!



Currently Available for Adoption!

Meet Copper! 7mo/48lb/Male/Shepherd Lab Mix!
I'm a young guy with a heart full of love, so why not consider making me a part of your family? I am a shy guy and need you to be patient with me as I warm up to you. I love to play in the backyard & snuggle in for a good cuddle. 
Stop by to meet me! I am one of the sweetest friends around!


**Currently Available for Adoption**

Good with Kids & Dogs & Cats

Meet Lyla!

1yr/50lb/Female/hound & terrier mix!

Hi, my name is Lyla! I’m a 1yr old, 50lb, female hound / terrier mix pup! My friends at the rescue say I’m the Pawfect combination of playful and snuggly. I like hanging out with my human and dog friends and I’m ok coexisting with kitties. My ideal family will have humans who love me. I’m happy to coexist with a cat. I’m ok with a doggie sibling as long as they’re ok with my outgoing personality, cuz I can really play! I walk well on leash & crate well. I’m still a pup, though, so please give me lots of walks & toys!  I'm enjoying training class and will do anything for a cookie!  Could you be my family?



**Currently Available for Adoption**


Meet Bean! 

4mo/18lb/Male/Boxer mix! 

Bean, Bean the tripod machine! Born this way he is well versed in running & playing. Nothing can slow him down! As a tripod, Bean navigates the world with grace and determination, his playful nature undiminished by the obstacles he faces. His 3 legs do not hinder him but rather serve as a testament to his courage and adaptability.

Apply to adopt this special guy and let him show you the incredible love of a rescue dog! 


**Currently Available for Adoption**

Meet Corazon!

2.5 yr/57lb/Female/Terrier mix!

Corazon's name means heart, courage, spirit & love and it fits her perfect! With her soulful eyes and gentle demeanor, Corazon is ready to steal the hearts of her forever family. She has a natural gift for forming deep connections with those around her, and her capacity for love knows no bounds. Whether she's snuggled up on the couch or frolicking in the backyard, Corazon's affectionate nature will warm your heart.

Are you ready to open your heart and home to this beautiful terrier mix named Corazon? Come meet her today and discover the joy of unconditional love!



**Currently Available for Adoption**

Meet Wilbur!

1yr/32lb/Male/Westie mix!

Introducing Wilbur! A bundle of joy who's ready to bring endless fun and laughter into your life! This charming boy is not only incredibly cute but also overflowing with personality.

Wilbur LOVES to run and play. He would do best in a home with a fenced yard or with an active family. 

Come meet Wilbur today and prepare to fall head over heels for his infectious charm!


*Currently Available for Adoption*

Meet Gypsy!

1y/10lb/Female/Chi mix!!

Gypsy is a very sweet girl but starts off shy. Once she is comfortable, she is all yours! She enjoys playing with other dogs & having her people around her. Gypsy would do best in an adult household. If you are looking for your news friend, Gypsy is ready to meet you!



**Currently Available for Adoption**

Meet Barley!

2yr/47lb/Male/Aussie mix!

Barley is a charming boy with a big heart! He's the perfect blend of athleticism and affection, ready to become your loyal companion. Due to his activity, we feel a home with no small children would be best for him. Barley's playful nature knows no bounds, whether it's chasing a ball in the park or curling up at your feet for a cozy nap. He's an intelligent pup, eager to learn new tricks and shower his humans with unwavering loyalty. 

This lovable Aussie mix is seeking a forever home where he can thrive, surrounded by a family who will cherish him as much as he cherishes them. If you're ready to welcome Barley into your life, get ready for endless tail wags, sloppy kisses, and a lifetime of unforgettable memories.



**Available for Adoption 5/22/24**

Meet Nova!

3mo/17lb/Female/Shepherd mix!

Hello there! I'm Nova, a spunky pup with a heart as bright as the stars. With my gorgeous white coat & twinkling eyes, I'm ready to be your loyal companion through all of life's adventures.

I've already mastered the art of cuddling & giving puppy kisses. Nothing makes me happier than snuggling up close and feeling the warmth of your love. And when it's playtime, I'm all in! Whether it's chasing toys, exploring new places, or just romping around in the backyard, I'm up for any adventure you have in mind.

Are you ready to make me a part of your family? Come meet me, Nova, and let's embark on this journey together!"


*Available for Adoption 5/22/24*

Meet Seth!

3mo/23lb/Male/Lab mix! 

 Seth is a delightful puppy who's overflowing with love and curiosity. This little guy is friendly & always eager to greet everyone with a wagging tail! Seth a quick learner, picking up commands and tricks in no time. His curiosity makes him an excellent companion for adventures, always ready to explore new environments and meet new friends!

Adopt Seth, and let his sweetness and curiosity bring a new spark of joy to your life.



*Available for Adoption 5/22/24*

Meet Saul!

3 mo/16lb/Male/Lab mix!

Meet Saul, the epitome of fun & cuteness bundled into one adorable package! With his playful antics and contagious zest for life, Saul is guaranteed to bring joy and laughter into any home lucky enough to welcome him.

Saul is eagerly waiting to become the newest member of your family.


*Available for Adoption 5/22/24*

Meet Sabrina!

4.5yr/56lb/Female/Lab mix!

Hello there, I'm Sabrina! My days are filled with curiosity & fun. I love exploring new scents, and my playful nature keeps everyone around me entertained. Life with me is never dull, I promise.

I am ready to be your loving & loyal friend! 



*Available for Adoption 5/22/24*

Meet Kelly!

4.5 yr/58lb/Female/Lab mix!

I/m Kelly! I am a sweet little lady! My heart is full of love & I'm always eager to share it with those around me. life with me is never dull, I promise. I'm ready to be your loyal companion and the best friend you've ever had.


*Available for Adoption 5/22/24*

Meet Liberty!

4mo/28lb/Female/Lab Terrier Mix!

Liberty a bundle of joy that's ready to fill a home with love and laughter. With her fun personality & wagging tail, this playful puppy is ready to steal your heart from the moment you meet her!



*Available for Adoption 5/22/24*

Meet Charity!

4mo/28lb/Female/Lab Terrier mix! 

Meet Charity, the adorable bundle of fur with a heart as pure as her soulful eyes. This sweet female puppy is on a mission to spread love and joy wherever she goes.

If you're looking for a loving & devoted puppy to brighten your days and fill your heart with love, look no further than Charity—she's ready to become the cherished member of your family that you've been searching for.


*Available for Adoption 5/22/24*

Meet Ireland

3mo//20lb/Female/Shepherd Hound mix!

This adorable little girl is as sweet as can be, always ready to shower her humans with cuddles and kisses. Whether she's frolicking in the grass or curling up for a nap, Ireland's playful spirit and endearing personality are sure to brighten any day. Do not miss out on this cutie!!! 




Meet Max!

1yr/37lb/Male/Mini Golden Retriever!

Meet Max, the boy with a heart as golden as his fur! Max is the kind of dog who loves to explore, his curiosity leading him to uncover the most interesting scents and sounds. He'll keep you entertained with his funny antics, chasing his own tail or playfully pouncing on squeaky toys.

If you're looking for a furry friend who will brighten your days and fill your heart with love, look no further than Max!



Meet Luna! 

3mo/30lb/Female/Great Pyrenees puppy!

Great Pyrenees are known for being calm, well-mannered, and affectionate dogs. They love to be outside and can be protective of their family. Great Pyrenees are also known for being good with children and other animals.  They are not recommended for city life or apartments.  If you’re looking for a wonderful XL companion then look no further, Luna could be the pup for you!




Meet Sky! 

3mo/30lb/Male/Great Pyrenees puppy! 

Great Pyrenees are known for being calm, well-mannered, and affectionate dogs. They love to be outside and can be protective of their family. Great Pyrenees are also known for being good with children and other animals.  They are not recommended for city life or apartments.  If you’re looking for a wonderful XL companion then look no further, Sky could be the pup for you!

Big Ben

*Available for Adoption June 2024*

Meet Big Ben!

5yr/95lb/Male/Great Dane!

Meet Big Ben, the majestic Great Dane with a heart as grand as his stature. Despite his imposing presence, this gentle giant is a true softie at heart, always eager to shower his humans with affection and loyalty. Big Ben draws attention wherever he goes, yet his gentle nature makes him a beloved companion to all. Whether it's lounging on the couch or exploring the great outdoors, Big Ben is happiest by your side, ready to embark on any adventure life has to offer. If you're seeking a furry friend who embodies both grace and strength, look no further than Big Ben—the Great Dane with a heart as big as his love for you, patiently waiting for his forever home to come and claim him as your own!

Big Ben.jpg
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