Adoptable Dogs

This is the most up to date list of our adoptable dogs. If you're interested in adopting, please visit the Dog Adoption Application page to complete and submit an online application.

Should you have trouble applying, please contact

Please note: We do have standard hours of operation (see home page).  However, you must have a fully processed application in place before you can schedule a formal meet and greet that can lead to an adoption. 

For more information on the adoption fee and what that covers, please visit the Adopt A Dog page. 


Katy Pawry

*Good with Kids & Dogs*


Meet Katy Pawry!  She's an 11mo old, 70lb, female shepherd mix pup!  Katy is an affectionate goofball who is awesome with people both big & small!  She enjoys playdates with other dogs, like her friend Suzanne.  However, as a guarding breed, Katy would do best in a home with shepherd experience & no other pets. 

If you're looking for a fun and loyal companion, then this beautiful girl could be the pup for you!



*Good with Kids & Dogs*


Meet Lilly!  She’s a 2yr old, 50lb, female retriever mix pup!  Lilly is a wonderful dog who loves to take walks and lay out in the sun.  She is playful and affectionate and loves being with people!

Lilly is a smart dog, so someone who has some dog knowledge would be best as she would benefit from a confident & capable owner. She likes other dogs, especially her boyfriend Artie.  She is not a fan of energetic kids or dogs being in her face and she's doesn't like cats.

If you're looking for a fun & playful adult dog to add to your home and you don't have little kids, hyper dogs or cats then this cutie could be your Pawfect Fit!



*Good with Kids & Dogs*

Meet Yelena! 3mo, female, 10lb, Lab/Hound mix! Ready to be charmed by this cutie? Yelena is hoping you are! She is looking for her new family! Could that be you?

Lil Red.jpg

Lil Red

*Good With Kids & Dogs*

Meet Lil Red!
He is a 9 month/24lb/Dachshund mix of love! 
Lil Red is ready to waltz right into your life and steal your heart!

Little Foot REAL_edited.jpg

Little Foot

*Good with Kids & Dogs*

Meet Little Foot!
3mo old, Male, 15lb, yellow lab/terrier mix! 
His pouty little face says it all. He is sweet, squishy & wanting to please. Come meet this little heart throb and you will surely fall in love!

Little Foot.jpg


*Good with Kids & Dogs*

Meet Cera!

 3mo old, Female, 15lb, yellow lab / terrier mix!

Cera is a squishy little girl who will warm your heart and home! She loves kids & dogs and is looking for her happy forever home! 



*Good with Kids & Dogs*

Meet Sonya!
6mo, 25lb,female,Lab/Catahoula mix!
Sonya is a sweet & playful girl who loves kids & other dogs. She is gorgeous girl and can't wait to meet you!



*Good with Kids & Dogs*

Meet Muffin!
7mo/ 28lb/Female/small breed terrier mix!
Muffin is a scrumptious little lady! She is delight and will steal your heart! If you are looking to add a medium size dog to your family, Muffin could be it!

Sloppy Joe_M_15.jpg

Sloppy Joe

*Good with Kids & Dogs*

Meet Sloppy Joe! 
Male/15lb/Terrier Mix
He is an active little boy who is always looking for a new adventure! Joe loves to run and play. He keeps us laughing with his silly antics! Come meet this wonderful little boy.



*Good with Kids & Dogs*

Meet Submarine!
Female/16lb/Terrier mix!
This adorable little diva is a confident social butterfly. Sub loves to play with her human and doggie friends! She also enjoys being tucked in for bedtime snuggles! Are you looking for someone to curl up with this winter? This is the girl for you!



*Good with Kids & Dogs*

Meet Panini!
Female/14lb/Terrier mix!
Meet Princess Panini! This happy go lucky pup is looking to be the center of your world! She is super social and loves to play fetch! Panini's tail wags non stop when she sees her people or doggy friends! 
Could this royal beauty be the pup for you!



*Good with Kids & Dogs*

Meet Brinn!
Female/14lb/Terrier mix!
Brinn is a bold & beautiful little girl who loves to explore. She will make a loyal companion to a family who is looking to add a little adventure to their lives!



*Good with Kids & Dogs*

Meet Grace! 
Female/13lb/Terrier mix
This little runt of the litter has all the heart! Grace is a total love bug who's always ready to smother you with kisses. If you are looking for a little sunshine in your life, this bright eyed beauty could be the pup for you!



*Good with Kids & Dogs*

Meet Squeaks! 
Male/16lb/Terrier mix!
This little boy is one handsome hunk of burning love. Squeaks is an old soul who is looking to be the marshmallow in your hot chocolate this winter!



*Good with Kids & Dogs*

Meet Stripe!
Male/16lb/Terrier mix!
Stripe is an all-around good boy! He is an energetic pup who loves to play, but will always check in to give you kisses. He is a quick learner and is eager to please.



*Good with Kids & Dogs*

Meet Smudge!
Male/14lb/Terrier mix!
He is a super sweet little boy who wants nothing more than to be loved and adored. Smudge is the quietest pup of the litter. He is looking for a loving family who will provide encourage and love, while helping explore the big wide world!