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Dog Foster Application

Fields marked with a * are required.
Please fill in all required fields then click on the Submit at the bottom of this form.

Upon successfully submitting the form a volunteer from our organization will be in touch. If you do not hear from us within 1 week, please check your spam email. If you still do not have an email from us, or if you are having a problem submitting the form please email

We highly recommend submitting this form using the Chrome browser and from a laptop or PC.

Are you at least 21 years of age or older?
Do you own or rent your residence?
Does your residence have a yard?
Have you ever cared for a dog before?
Will you be available nights and/or weekends to bring the foster pup back to the rescue for meet and greet sessions?
Do you currently have any pets in your home?
Are all animals in your home spayed or neutered?
Are all animals in your home current on their rabies vaccines?
Are all your dogs (past or present) receiving monthly prescription heartworm prevention medication?
Have you ever had to give up, surrender or rehome a pet?
I have called my veterinarian's office to allow release of information

Thanks for submitting!

Dog Foster Application: Job Application

Terms & Conditions of Application

A representative of Pawfect Life Rescue will contact you within 5 days of receipt of your application. Pawfect Life Rescue reserves the right to perform a home inspection prior to welcoming an individual foster or foster family into our foster community.

Foster applicant hereby releases and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Pawfect Life Rescue and any volunteer or agent thereof against any and all liability, including any costs and reasonable attorney fees, to third parties or to Foster arising from, out of, or caused by, the acts or physical condition of any Pawfect Life Rescue dog, without regard to considerations of fault or negligence.

 *By clicking "submit" you are confirming that the information you provided in this adoption application is the truth to the best of your knowledge and belief. You also represent that you have read the information in this adoption application and understand what is expected, and agree to the terms.* 

Dog Foster Application: Quote
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